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About Us


What We Do


All skill levels of writers come here to do what pros do best: see what someone else thinks of their work and how a professional writer can build on your research idea. Our goal is to assist university students/researchers in developing their writing skills so they can write more effectively, creatively and confidently.


From the initial stages of ideation to the last drafts, ProjectsPapers.com can help you. We can handle academic writing, personal statements, and other tasks unrelated to the course. When writing consultations, we take a non-directive, non-evaluative approach. This implies that our focus will be on talking about your writing objectives.


How Can We Help You


Doctoral, Postgraduate and Graduate  serve as our consultants. They have received training in assisting you in developing critical thinking skills, recognizing your options, and coming to your own writing judgments. They will assist you in identifying the types of mistakes you make and in applying the norms of Edited Academic English, should you wish to focus on your grammar.


Our goal is to create a welcoming environment at the ProjectsPapers.com where everyone may grow as a writer. Respect for diverse language, cultural, ethnic and economic origins, as well as for varying abilities and gender identities, is fostered through the training that our consultants undergo.


How to utilise our service for meeting your writing goals


We offer various specialties through our online booking system. For both Doctoral and Postgraduates,  we offer Dissertation and Thesis  writing consultations. For undergrads, we offer health professions application essay consultations, consultations for specific engineering classes, and a designated consultant for several assignments and coursework writing. Choose one of these appointment types when booking in order to see our specialists in each area.


If you would like to schedule an appointment with a consultant specializing in a specific genre or discipline, chat with us through the WhatsApp number  above or call us at +91 9176591559