Objectives of the Doctoral PhD Dissertation and Research Proposal for DBA Thesis

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PhD in Management|Dissertation Topics|DBA Thesis Proposal Outline


Brief (1-2 paragraphs) summary of what the dissertation project is to do and how it is to do it.

Problems or research questions

A general but clear statement of what the dissertation will deal with. A conceptual framework should be developed in this section.

Importance of the research

Addresses the question of whether or not the research is important or significant enough to justify doing it. Is there some statement by an authority as to need for this research? No dissertation should deal with a trivial topic. A description of current practice in the field, no matter how well done, does not constitute a dissertation.

Prior research on the topic (literature review)

A search of major sources of information should be included. This is a summary of the literature since this is a proposal not a dissertation (5-7 pages). Short topic analysis should support the need for and importance of the research. Some analysis or critique should be included to support each literature topic.

Theoretical development

Specific research hypotheses or research questions should be stated. Definitions of variables and constructs should be included. If a model is to be developed, the characteristics for evaluation of the model should be presented.

Research design/ methodology

This section should be as explicit as possible. Explain clearly why the methodology selected is appropriate for each hypothesis or research question.

Data Collection

  • The data collection procedure should be explained.
  • If a questionnaire is to be used the methodology should be explained along with major types of questions to be asked.
  • Population and selection or sampling procedures should be outlined.
  • If a simulation is to be used, the major elements of the simulation should be defined.
  • If an experimental situation is to be used to collect data, there should be a description covering the subjects, the apparatus to be used, procedures to be followed, a data to be collected, and the instruments to be used in data collection.
  • Archival sources of data. If archival sources of data are to be used, there should be a description of these sources including their strengths and limitations. Data analysis
  • Types of analysis methods to be used. A detailed discussion of analysis tools as the data supports or refutes the hypotheses, problems, or research question.
  • Assumptions of methods selected.

Limitations and key assumptions

A clear definition of the limits if the dissertation research should be stated in this section. This section should be very explicit on what will and will not be delivered in the final PhD dissertation. The deliverables (potential outcomes) should be stated in this section.

Contributions to knowledge

For each deliverable (potential outcome) the contribution to practitioner and academic knowledge should be presented.

Description of proposed chapters in dissertation:

Major headings for each chapter with a brief description of what will be covered.

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