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  • Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching
  • Creative Writing and Pedagogy
  • Creative Writing and Publishing
  • Creative Writing Low Residency
  • Creative Writing
  • Creative Writing and the Creative Economy
  • Journalism in Open Societies
  • Journalism
  • Journalism and the Creative Economy
  • Magazine Journalism
  • Playwriting
  • Publishing
  • Publishing and the Creative Economy
  • Translation Studies

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  • Advertising and the Creative Economy
  • Communication Design and the Creative Economy
  • Composing for Film and Television
  • Computer Generated Imagery (3D)
  • Computer Generated Imagery (3D)
  • Creative Writing and the Creative Economy
  • Design- Product and Space and the Creative Economy
  • Fashion and the Creative Economy
  • Film Making
  • Film Making and the Creative Economy
  • Games Development
  • Heritage (Contemporary Practice)
  • Journalism and the Creative Economy
  • Managing in the Creative Economy
  • Museum and Gallery Studies
  • Museums and Galleries and the Creative Economy
  • Music and the Creative Economy
  • Production Design for Film and Television
  • Publishing and the Creative Economy
  • Sonic Arts
  • User Experience Design

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We write Postgraduate Dissertations, Undergraduate Thesis, Term Papers, Reflective, Critical Essays, Assignments, Coursework, Research Project, Independent Practical Project Reports, Case Studies, PhD Research Proposals and Research Papers on Creative Writing, Journalism, Publishing, Creative Industries and Creative Economy Topics with Harvard, APA or MLA Referencing Style and they contain

  • Abstract and Introduction
  • Research Methodology
  • Discussion and Conclusion
  • Literature Review
  • Data Analysis
  • References/Bibliography
Key study topics in Journalism and Creative Writing will include
  • Writing and the Image - personal and group explorations of the relationship of written and visual communication. Introduction to the writers' tools- traditional and digital
  • Journalism Skills - including new journalism, long- form journalism, immersive journalism, American approaches to journalism
  • Developing the Writers Voice - Assignments with reference to a variety of genres: creative non-fiction, fiction, biography, poetry, travel writing, specialist subject writing, academic writing
  • Journalism in context - social and cultural movements, storical developments, political and economic determinants and an introduction to key concepts such as representation, orientalism, feminism
  • Writing and Adaptation - writing and developing the adaptation of a book/play for the screen
  • Writing for online
  • Personal Project
  • Dissertation.
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